Oct. 31st, 2008

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I know some of my friends out there are not Obama supporters, whether it be for McCain, Barr, Nader or some other candidate - or even if the reasoning is "not-Obama." Go with yourself! This also includes my lovely friends and acquaintances who adhere to "None of the above" because they prefer looking at extra-systemic methods and ideologies. Please keep on with your path - you provide a needed aspect in the whole conversation as well.

I'll not take the position of "you're so off my friends list" for disagreeing with me, even if I feel extremely strongly on this matter - if I trust you at all, I trust you in good faith to have reasons of your own for your political beliefs, for the most part, along with your fair share of misconceptions, probably similar in proportion to my own.

I do want to make one thing clear about where I do draw a line, and for which I will happily give you an "Up Yours". Any of you who bring up bullshit about "The Messiah", "The One" or "drinking the Kool-aid", up yours. Really. Fuck off. It's become an opposing talking-point about "Obamabots", blind followers and "boy, won't you stupid liberals be surprised when you find out he's just another politician!"

No one thinks Barack Obama is the Messiah, or that he'll do everything perfectly. He'll piss off everyone at some point, even his most ardent supporters. He's pretty much said so. My boss just mentioned he expects Obama to disappoint him by being too conservative in the name of bridging gaps between parties. And beyond ideology, he'll outright fuck-up.

But the pseudo-cynical regard that people have just because people (myself included) dare to be enthusiastic about our presidential candidate is contemptible. Screw us for being excited. Screw us for hoping that things may change, that this may mean different approaches which may work better, that someone closer to our ideals may get into office. Screw us for believing that this may bring about new ideas, a shift from the tired Vietnam-era version of "Left v. Right", the first national figure in my lifetime that has not only bolstered my belief in the United States, but made me want to serve as I can, to look not for how I can cut down "the Enemy" and instead work towards common goals and finding solutions to the problems we face. Screw me for having hope, which people denounce as "just a word" - but these people obviously have no clue what words can do.

Unsurprisingly, it's not been Republicans who've thrown this at me the most - it's been the "independents" who mutter about "all politicians are the same" that then turn with their jade-colored glasses and sneer at excitement, at passion, at belief, no matter how much we try to present both a reasonable case and a shared ideal. It's not even the attitude alone, it's the desire to spread your dread contagion to me and others who've found a means of escape. So please - plop down on your couch in your nest of cynicism, keep building those walls and just atrophy in your own apathy. Those of us who give a fuck will be doing our best, and I'd rather work with someone with whom I respectfully disagree but actually cares, than any number of milquetoast flat-liners who invest their energy in dragging people into their hole than even imagining the possibility that people can make a difference.

Disagree with me as you will on policies, candidates, philosophies and methods.
Get smarmy pseudo-cynical at me (because it's the easy and lazy route, to be quite honest)?
There's the door. The rest of us have work to do.


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