Be The Duck

Aug. 8th, 2001 12:10 pm
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Ok, I blathered about this before. Here goes.
As far as I know, I made this up. I've not read it anywhere in memory.
I proposed it to a friend on one of the Atlanta Gothy lists, and people seemed to like fact, a good while (like a year + ) after I thought about it in so many words, someone used it at me, and I was like "Heeeyyyyy!" I'm so erudite.

Picture a duck. It is in a small lake.
The duck has interlocking feathers that are coated with a waxy oil.
When you see a duck preening, it is spreading the oil over its feathers from glands on its body. This oil and the way its feathers fit together make a duck about as watertight as a boat.

The duck floats in the lake...a wave washes over it...the duck doesn't get wet.
Sure, water beads up on its feathers and it looks wet, but its skin never gets wet. The water just rolls off. It's where that expression "Like water off a duck's back" comes from.

Now a storm comes up. Rain pours from the skies.
Thunder roars and the lake gets all choppy.
While the duck may seek some cover for not wanting to be pelted with rain, it still remains dry. Water beads off, and when the rain is over and the surface of the waters's a dry duck again.

Now some stupid jet skiiers come by, see the duck and decide to screw with it.
So they take a sharp turn, dousing the duck.
Whew, big wave overtakes the duck. It scrabbles out of the way and qvacks...but the water just rolls off.

The duck's hungry? It sees a minnow in some weeds below its webbed feet.
It does that little tail-up goes completely under. Comes back up, shakes its's dry, and has a minnow in its belly.

The duck remains dry.

So as it is with you.
The lake is the world...the surface is sometimes rough, just by nature of living and waves of trouble and concern splash over you.
Sometimes, troubles seem to rain down from above, pelting you with pain and fear...
Sometimes people do stupid and cruel things, all but knocking you over as you just try to go about your business.
And sometimes the daily business of just doing what you need to do - eat, sleep, work, breathe - this can be tiresome, frustrating, painful.

But none of these things can really get you wet.
Lest you let them.
But your natural state is dry and bouyant. Remember this.

  • Would-be ornithologists please don't waste my time telling me the truth about ducks. My monkey heart couldn't take it.

  • I stumbled across this site completely by accident. Qvack.


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