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So here at work, after being relatively-to-absolutely on the bench for a number of weeks, I'm suddenly overbooked with projects. It's not going to be the mad days of 24-coding from last fall, but it is a sudden shift. I mostly like it, but it's a weird adjustment.

Something else is on my plate now, in that I might get shipped to Portland, Oregon for a 6-month assignment with a huge internet security software producer. I discussed this with the Greek and we're cool on the idea, provided it's more of a short-week travel schedule, vs. an expectation of me being physically present in Portland for 6 months. I'm excited and a little nervous, since it'd be a direct client facing position, a shift in role (I'd be a QA Manager) and the geo-personal distances. It's also a distinct first in having "Mgr" in my role title (my technical title is "Solutions Developer", but role titles are wiggly flexible depending on project).


I discussed with the Greek about how so often when I talk about work or similar things, I feel like I'm trying to say "Look at me! I'm an adult!" when I still feel like a teenager with responsibilities thrust upon me. It also seems like so many people do this, and I completely unfairly treat this as amusing-in-identification or lame-because-I-know-they-feel-as-I-do-underneath, depending on my disposition towards these people. I have a MEETING to go to which means I AM AN ADULT because MEETINGS are ADULT things!

when you're an adult, it's no's the truth!

It's a succulent life.


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